Mandar Apte

Be The Change

Online Workshop

Engage with our online educational module that empowers you with tools to improve your mental wellbeing and inspire you to be an active proponent for peace.

The module is intended to be used in educational institutions and organizations that wish to

promote mental wellbeing, social cohesion and peace education.

Duration: One Hour

Overview of the Module


Creating awareness towards the need for peace and the role of mental wellbeing


A framework for healing trauma and managing emotions


Breath and meditation exercises to build mental wellbeing and resilience

Review by Nonviolence Advocates


Dr. Michael Nagler

Founder, Metta Center for Nonviolence
‘The heartwarming film opens up a healing way for the most serious problem of our age. It concerns not only this small band but, by implication, every one of us. The creators of the event and the film deserve our thanks and congratulations.’

Kit Miller

Former Director, M.K. Gandhi Institute for Nonviolence
‘I enjoyed the film very much. What an important framework that you are offering of transformation and possibility for people who have been most affected by violence. I would love to explore possibilities of bringing the program in Rochester.’

Video Testimonials from Community Leaders

Capt. Jon Pinto

Los Angeles Police Department

Ruben Cantu

Social Activist, Austin

Mayor John Tecklenburg

Charleston, South Carolina

Dan Demenech
Executive Director
The School Superintendents Association