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Can Peace Be Profitable

Can Peace be Profitable?

On 'International Day of Living Together in Peace', I share why there is a strong business case for peace, and the actions entrepreneurs, changemakers and leaders can take to actively promote social harmony within communities and organisations.

In Gandhi’s Name, Lets Find The Mahatma Within

ay, Oct 2nd is the UN International Day of Nonviolence. It is a day when millions worldwide spend reflecting on the life works of Mahatma Gandhi - referred to as the Father of the Nation in India for his bold vision and relentless pursuit of using nonviolence (or Ahimsa) as the pillar for India’s struggle for independence.

Peace Innovation: Role of the Corporates

Most wise C-suite executives are aware of the need for creating a culture of innovation within their organizations that empower employees to find innovative ways to help the organization compete in the markets of today, and also, more importantly, to ensure that their organizations remain relevant and thrive in the future. Recognizing that innovation is very different from R&D, some organizations have also implemented innovation learning programs to build the muscle to play a role in the innovation process amongst staff.

If The Corona Virus Could Speak…

A few years ago, I had a key moment of truth - that I would not do anything about any social issue e.g. the mass shootings in US schools, unless and until it directly affected me or happened in my neighborhood school. I was so profoundly disturbed by this realization that I ended up making a documentary film that is now being used to promote nonviolence education in classrooms. The calling was intense and the experience, transformational.

2020 Has Asked Us “How Much Do You Really Care”?

Nine months ago, when the first “stay at home” order was given in Los Angeles, I wrote this blog, not knowing the extent of suffering that the COVID-19 pandemic would unleash - so many lives lost and the world order, disrupted.